Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Collection

Personally, I Love this dress with a touches of theatrical or ballet.
This is my favorites from his spring collection.
Just Because I feel that you can wear "day and night" in the spring/summer.

The Ruffles on the sides of the short are super KAWAII..
and brings the fresh look into the outfit...

MJ team trim military jackets with long, full skirts and others so short they looked like tufts of ruffles.
But there were also zany lamé dresses; lace openwork coats and suits in white and black sequins; a retro silk satin underwear-as-outerwear moment; and sparkly, leg-baring evening numbers that looked like they'd walked right off the stage of a Broadway production and onto the street.

The fall is about to start but I already get a spring breeze from Marc Jacob.


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