(Human x Na'vi) + Pandora = Avatar

First of all, I'm speechless. This is my favorite 3D movies so far. I went with a friend of mine last weekend. Not only that, this story is epic and reminds me with Pocahontas love story. The cast and crew did really amazing job from the storyline, the effects,the art & animations, music, and the director. I will say this movie is the best one so far this year.
 In this story, a human trap into an avatar body. His mission is to send a message to the Na'vi but accident falling for the Na'vi princess. He learned how to act like the Na'vi, breath, eat, sleep, fight and fly. BUT he only alive as an avatar thru his brain or daydreamwalker. He lay his body into the scientific box that connect to his avatar body...........

I don't want to spoil the story,and I'm recommending to everyone to watch this movie in 3D..
My Rating for this movie: **** out of 5 stars


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