Revisit Pocahontas and Madame Kartini

 Images Via:Trendhunter

I found this inspirational picture of Pocahontas in High fashion shoots because of 
yesterday, I saw a little girl wore Pocahontas Costume. It reminds me when I was little and how I'm so obsessed with Pocahontas character during Disney Renaissance Era. Sadly I never wear any of Pocahontas costume when I was little. Because I grew up in Jakarta and my old school back in those day didn't celebrate Halloween or any cool costume events. 
Instead of Halloween we celebrated " Kartini's Day"(She is Indonesian national heroine in women rights)and wore either traditional kebaya from different ethnicity in Indonesia or  wore what we like someday to be(** mostly like Heroine style in real life, such as police, doctor, nurse, and etc.)

Here some picture that I found for my favorite modern kebaya from Anne Avantie..
I love the details, modern and glam look in her design.


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